Responsibility of the Authors

  • Where applicable, manuscripts must contain a statement to the effect that all reported human and/or animal studies were reviewed by an appropriate ethics committee and conducted in accordance with appropriate ethical standards, such as those specified in the APA Publication Manual (Section 8.04, 6th Edition). The authors should also state clearly in the main text that all participants had given their informed consent prior to their inclusion in the study. Details that may disclose participants’ identities should be omitted.
  • Authors must declare any potential conflicts of interest relevant to the publication of the manuscript by disclosing financial interests or connections, whether direct or indirect, and other situations that might raise the question of bias in the work reported or the conclusions, implications, or opinions stated. These items may include commercial or other sources of funding, personal relationships, or direct academic competition. Such information will be held in confidence while the paper is under review and will not influence the editorial decision. If the article is accepted for publication, the Editor will usually discuss with the authors the manner in which such information is to be communicated to the readers.
  • Authors should note that submission implies that (i) the content has not been published previously in any language or venue, except as an abstract in the proceedings of a scientific meeting or symposium; (ii) the manuscript is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere; and (iii) the corresponding author should ensure that there is a full consensus of all co-authors in approving the final version of the paper and its submission for publication.

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